Throttle Time - learn to run a steam locomotive

126 Under Steam

The Bluegrass Railroad Museum is offering "Hands On Throttle Time" for people interested in learning how to operate a Coal Fired Steam locomotive. Sat Sep 16 and Sat Sept 23 from 10 am untill noon we will be offering 30 minute periods of real railroading. You will be instructed how to fire and operate Jeddo Coal Company steam engine #85 in the Bluegrass Railroad yard.

This once in a lifetime opportunity is priced at $150 for a half hour of railroad fun. Wear appropriate clothing. Must be 18 or older.

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Only oneTime Slot still Available

Sat 23rd 10 AM
Sat 23rd 10:30 AM - SOLD
Sat 23rd 11 AM - SOLD
Sat 23rd 11:30 AM - SOLD