Louisville & Nashville Bay Window Caboose #1086/146
-Built in 1964 by the L&N's own South Louisville Shops. Restored by museum volunteers several years ago this car as #1086, but the caboose also carried the number 146 during her service for the L&N as well. 1086 is usually on static display but sees occasional excursion service on special events. This car is available for rent for birthday parties. etc. Please contact the museum for details.


  Southern Bay Window Caboose X741
-Currently on static display and used by the museum for storage, this is one of the more common cars found in southeastern railroad museums.


  The Cope Collection
-Owned by a museum member are 5 Seaboard Coast Line steel cabooses of various numbers. The cars are currently stored in Tyrone, KY on a museum siding. The owner has plans to convert the cabooses into a small bed & breakfast type venue off site from the museum in the future.


Originally a Monon caboose built by Monon in Lafayette Indiana and later acquired by the L&N. It is currently serving as storage for track equipment till appropriate facilities can be built. The caboose is very solid inside and out and a excellent canidate for a quick cosmetic restoration once it's heritage is fully researched.